Suzanne Sanders Leadvocals

Suzanne Sanders was born in 1995 in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. She has always had a big passion for music and theatre. As a child she used to sing and dance in the living room. There and then she discovered her interest in the magical music of Kate Bush.

Besides Kate, she also loved musical theatre. As a child she took singing, dance and musical classes. She performed in small talent shows and began to dream about a career in music and theatre.

At 2013 she auditioned for a music study and got in. There she learnt to compose her own music and play the guitar and piano. In 2017 she and her own band released a debut album called: MyStories. She toured around the Netherlands for a while. In the years that followed Suzanne released several singles containing original songs. Her own music was inspired by: Kate Bush, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchel and Loreena McKennitt . 

In 2019 Suzanne decided she wanted to be able to teach others how to to sing. She studied at the Amsterdam Conservatorium and got her degree as a certified Vocal Coach. 

In september 2022 the idea came to mind to start a Kate Bush tribute band, later known as Kate! She gathered some musicians and started to discover the music in a new way. The very interesting musical progressions and the stories behind all these magical songs. With just a few musicians, Kate! started with small live performances. The reviews were overwhelmingly good and Suzanne had found the Kate inside. 

Fun fact:

Did you know that Suzanne is in fact 85% British and 5% Irish? 

Remco Engels Drums / percussion / backingvocals

Remco is the nestor and drummer of Kate! 

Remco has alot of gigging experience within the Netherlands and outside of the country and loves to play the music of Kate Bush. 

Would you love to know more about this versatile drummer, composer and vintage synth lover?

Did you know:

This is not the first Kate Bush tribute band Remco has played in! Years ago he as the drummer of 'Dreaming Of Kate' a Dutch Kate Bush tribute band.  

Photography: Martin Reijman

Louis Braam Piano / keys / backingvocals

Louis was brought up with music all around. At home he used to listen alot to music. His first introduction with an instrument was an old SA-1 Casio Keyboard.

Louis graduated succesfully in 2012 at Conservatorium InHolland, Haarlem. 

Since his graduation Louis is working as a freelance musician.

Between 2014-2015 Louis toured the theaters in the UK with 'Dreaming of Kate: a tribute to Kate Bush'. Louis knows the amazing repertoire of Kate through and through and he loves to listen to her music.

Louis also composes his own music. Since 2016, Louis is part of the duo 'Funku Jabber' Early 2021 they released their first album: 'Dreamtime'. They are working on a second album right now.

Since 2023, Louis is also active in Pink Sheep: a Pink Floyd tribute band. That made one of his biggest dreams come true: to play the rich music of Pink Floyds. He can dive into the amazing synths and effects. 

Besides working as a musician, Louis also teaches music, for more than 12 years. 

Did you know:

Louis has a perfect pitch!

Photography: Johan van Bree